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Podcast w/ Jon Bishop – Understanding Customer Needs

This podcast features Jon Bishop from YellowShake. Jon does an excellent job of winning trust from his customers. In this podcast he talks about the importance of understanding the customer needs. He also provides insight into a shipping cost reduction and recovery service.

How to Buy VoIP Systems

It is best to understand a little bit about why people have been leery of VoIP. In the world of VoIP, voice is turned into data packets, meaning they become no different than your email, your webpage, your download etc… That is good news. Voice and data now run over the same network. That is […]

Use the Tool You Have

I recently was working on some equipment for my tractor. Several of the nuts had thread lock type which meant they required a bit of work to get them off. I was relaying this to Anthony Jett (our President). He asked, “Why didn’t you use an impact wrench?” That tool would have made the work […]

TEX NYC 2016: On the Show Floor with Velis4

Live from the show floor at Telecom Exchange (TEX) NYC 2016, JSA TV talks to Matthew Edwards, VoIP Sales Representative for Velis4. Velis4 delivers market-leading Hosted VoIP, SIP Trunking, and Call Center solutions. Formerly Velocity Networks. In this interview, as a TEX-“first timer”, Matt provides a nice review of TEX, noting the good “synergies” between […]

Greg Plum Podcast

Join Velis4 as we talk to Greg Plum about the Skype for Business opportunity. How Microsoft 365 is a stepping stone for a much bigger picture. How Skype is not playing the race to zero in the VoIP space. Greg is an author and Ted Talks Speaker. His book is titled “Getting Started with Skype […]